• Carbon Neutral


    We pledge to make our future event completely carbon neutral


    Arbre Évolution sponsors to compensate carbon emission from your travelling to the event by planting 225 trees in our name


    • 40% of our traiteur’s food is vegetarian in addition to a 10% of vegan options, reducing our carbon footprint
  • Waste Reduction


    Best practices to ensure there is Zero waste in the entire 2 days case competition


    • We offer reusable tableware instead of single-use
    • Reusable mugs will be put at your disposal for the event, in partnership with Kotmo
    • HEC Montreal implemented solid collection facilities for recycling and composting. Our volunteers are also trained to assist you in making the right waste management choice.
    • We invite all of our participants, judges and volunteers to bring their own water bottle as we are committed to eradicate the use of single-used bottles during the event
    • 100% of our printings use recycled paper that will be recycled again
  • Eco-Friendly Practices


    Cool and useful gift to participant to inculcate more re-usable product in their daily life


    This includes (include the names of the future gifts)


    • 100% of our corporate gifts are provided by CSR businesses such as Petites Mains, Kotmo, Ola Bamboo and Hectare
    • We have partnered with local and Bcorp-certified businesses for our workshops and suppliers

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